The Envigor Journal

Digital Disruption

As digital disrupts traditional business models, companies entering the digital marketplace will experience digital transformation in different ways. One scenario would be the following. First, they will add a Facebook page or website to their TV commercial or print add. Second, they will realize that the TV commercial is now digital and needs to be integrated with their digital campaign. Third, they will discover that the consumer is the center of the digital marketplace and effects the entire marketing function.

Managing Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the impact of digital on organizations. Digitization transforms: - the customer experience; therefore the external communications functions of the organization - the business operations: therefore the internal communications and decision making of the organization - the entire organization; therefore the transformation strategy must be holistic and inclusive of all segments and functions.

Eight Management Tips

1. BAD APPLE. Business decisions are tough, but act quickly with acidic personalities. Making a change is difficult, but you must be fair to everyone on the team. Make bold moves! 2. Give Purpose, Not a Job. PURPOSE is higher-up on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. A Job is a paycheck. A Career is a long-term paycheck. Today's workforce demands purpose. 3. Everyone is the CFO! Be sure you bring on staff who want to understand the numbers, not just produce them. Cross-training, career development plans, and great communication are all keys to success!